• Renewing the Website

    Difference Engine

    The nth iteration of my website. After writing a few blog engines, and installing many others over the years, I have decided to give up on dynamic websites.


  • Effortless Beamer Slideshows

    I have always loved having my slides, for various talks, presentations, and lectures in an open and easy to use format and frankly hated using powerpoint. Powerpoint tends to bog down, have a horrible interface and generally suck out my soul. The downside is beamer, the standard slideshow package of LaTeX tends to be bulky requiring many many more lines of code than content, something LaTeX tries to avoid. The answer is PanDoc. PanDoc is a system for generating documents in one format and outputting them in another. It can also do slidewhows outputed as a beamer tex file or as one of several HTML slide show formats.


  • Cool Python Trick -- Access repeating numbers

    If you want to access a list of repeating numbers and the peiod is different from the array size you can avoid having to calculate for the edge case by using itertools like so: