Renewing the Website

Difference Engine

The nth iteration of my website. After writing a few blog engines, and installing many others over the years, I have decided to give up on dynamic websites.


My server recently got hacked and while I was pretty sure I had disinfected the system, the only way to truly be sure is to reformat and bring files over after checking them. This meant that it would take me some amount of work to get all the pieces back up and working. Instead I went static.

Well in the wonderful world of 2.0 there’s a lot that can be done using static HTML and some javascript/AJAX. Comments can be outsourced and be done better by peoplee who have the time and inclination to get it done. At some point there will be diqus comments if I make blog posts that people want to comment on.

Static is simpler, I don’t have to worry if a fcgi process has failed and I only have one config file to play with (in theory). It also takes less resources.

I had an idea many years ago to create a website using a Makefile and python scripts to glue headers and footers together on webpages. I never implemented it, but now there seems to be many scripts to solve that problem. The particular one I am using is Hyde which is written in Python and has nice templating system as well as several useful builtin plugins.

In any case all I need is a simple website with very small requirements to upkeep. So static, generated sites seem like the best solution.

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