Patrick Butler

3160 Torgerson Hall
Computer Science Dept., Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Work: 540-585-4287


I am currently working in the realm of data mining, specifically in temporal data mining, and visual analytics for use in intelligence analysis -- Naren Ramakrishnan is my advisor. I have also done some research in distributed data storage, and computer security. Although not strictly research, I have also had a strong interest in computer and network security, robotics, and as many other geeky things as I could find time for.

Person = Me && Location != Here

Due to time constraints, I don't participate in most of these terribly much, but they are perhaps worth a mention.

Cool Python Trick -- Access repeating numbers

If you want to access a list of repeating numbers and the peiod is different from the array size you can avoid having to calculate for the edge case by using itertools like so:

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